2020 Golf Membership Info

  • No trail fees.  You are either a Member or not a Member.  Residents with an approved golf car and appropriate club approvals who are Club Members may use a personal vehicle or club vehicle.
  • State Sales Tax is in addition to fees per State Law.
  • A family is designated as a legal couple residing in the same household and any children 18 or under residing in the same household.
  • Single is designated as one unique individual.
  • Simple one-stop shopping pricing structure.  No ala cartes or other charges other than incidental charges at the Club.
  • All privileges extended.
  • 20% off on all Food and Beverages.  20% off on all Golf Shop Merchandise.
  • Unlimited Golf, no per round fees.
  • All association dues paid directly by the club.  Handicap, MGA, WGA, Niner’s, and unlimited practice for the member.
  • 14 Day Tee Times.
  • First Priority on Entertainment Events.
  • Your choice, based on the calendar year: Monthly credit of $100 against your statement all year, OR $200 per month October, November, December, January, February, and March. 

If you have any questions about membership,
please contact our Chairman Rich Smith at  rsmith@golftheharbor.com 


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