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This fully stocked store remains a high-traffic centerpiece for The National, with year-round customers eager to witness the latest innovations. The buying power goes even further for CHNGC’s esteemed members, all of whom receive a 20-percent discount with every Golf Shop purchase. This all-encompassing golf shop seamlessly sets the tone for The National experience, providing a warm, friendly atmosphere to those who are serious about the look, feel and finer points of their game. It’s also a window into Charlotte Harbor National’s landmark upgrades over the last few years, maximizing the full potential of this elite-level course.

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The bountiful Golf Shop serves as a major entry point for The National grounds, but it’s merely one component to the overall puzzle. We also provide premium services to members and prospective partners, such as on-site regripping and comprehensive club repair, scheduling private lessons or attending clinics conducted by our stable of happy-to-help golf instructors. The swing sessions are separate from the Sorenstam Academy experience, but the ingenuity and attention to detail shall remain the same. Anything to shave a few strokes off your game. The Charlotte Harbor National tour remains a popular venture, with customers getting an up-close account of the course’s sweeping changes. It also provides a better understanding of our team’s hour-to-hour, day-to-day commitment to preserving The National’s region-wide appeal.

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